Review of Crayola's Window Markers

As mentioned in my previous post, I bought some new art supplies for the little artist to let her experience different ways of creating a piece of art.

This is the first of the five products I'll be reviewing - Crayola's Window Mega Markers:

I bought my products from a distributor so the price is slightly lower than retail prices but I had to go through much frustration just trying to get the lady to confirm my orders among many other issues, so perhaps you might find it more worthwhile to just buy it at retail price ($11). :P 

I had initially wanted the 8-pc set but it was out of stock so I had to settle for the 4pc set which features mega markers. It's bulkier (the part where you grip is about 2.2cm in diameter) but I think the thickness of the marker itself is quite satisfactory (about 1.3cm) - you can get nice thick defined lines on the glass. They work well on glass surfaces so if you don't have full-height windows for your tot to doodle on, your glass coffee table or mirror would work too. :P

Washable? Yes, very. :) Just wipe the marks off with a damp cloth (followed by a dry paper towel) - even Alicia can do it! - and she derived much pleasure from doing that on top of the doodling :) Don't leave the marks on the surfaces for too long though as they may not be as easily cleaned off and may require several times of wiping. During the doodling, a bit got onto my curtain but it was easily removed with soap and water... phew.

The packaging of the product says it contains small parts and is not suitable for kids below 36mths but I really don't see any small parts at all and I think as long as your kid's not mouthing things anymore, there is no harm in letting her use the markers.

I'm very satisfied with the product and I'm sure Alicia is too!

Some shots of my tot enjoying the window markers:

Checking out the colour and naming it before doodling

After she got comfortable using the markers, she started to doodle on EVERY window panel 

Being responsible for her doodling :P

A day of painting - my little Monet at work

Alicia has officially finished the term at Julia Gabriel and since we've withdrawn her from classes, I decided that she should still get her weekly (at least) dose of painting and messy fun. You see, ever since we enrolled her at JG, we got rather lazy in bringing out the fingerpaints we bought for her earlier since the mentality then was that the once-a-week painting at JG was probably enough for her *guilty*.

Now that lessons have stopped, I decided that it was time to get messy at home again. :)

Art is included in my homeschooling 'curriculum' as it promotes creativity and ability to think and that's why it is an integral part of early childhood education. One important thing to note when engaging in art with a tot or a young preschooler - the process is more important than the product! :) 

One way of further engaging the tot in artistic creation is to provide different materials (and hence create different experiences) and so I've bought a new stash of art supplies for her and I will be reviewing them on my blog really soon, so stay tuned. 

In this post, Alicia's using Crayola's non-toxic, washable fingerpaints which have been sitting in the storeroom for quite awhile:

I do believe this is the old packaging and Crayola has released the product with a new look
I think the retail price is $16.90 - it's been quite awhile since I bought it

These paints are easy to use - just squeeze the paint out from the tubes into a palette or dish and the tot can get on with the painting. 

While the name of the product suggests that these are fingerpaints, you don't really have to get your tot to paint with fingers if you're worried about the mess, especially if you've just started to introduce your kid to painting and the thought of the colourful mess the kid would get into could get you hyperventilating. 

You'd be glad to know they work well with brushes too - see the bookmarks Alicia painted with a paintbrush when we were learning the letter B:

The medium chosen for doing the art pieces for the day?

HANDS. Bare hands. And fingers.

It's really ok, just keep a wet cloth on hand to clean up any spots that require immediate attention. :)

And be prepared to be part of the action too: Alicia kept insisting that I should paint alongside... and of course I did! - after taking some photos :)

Trying to dig paint out from the tube

Concentrating on rubbing her hands (filled with paint)

The creative gal who believes that art doesn't have to be done sitting down or standing up

oh will you just look at that, mummy! My hands are sooo painted!

Tell me mummy, is my nose green too?

Checking her hands for paint

Dinner time art (she asked to paint again!):

Our hands :)

Can you see a flower?

The masterpiece - painting flowers with fingers in line with the teaching of the letter F! :)


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