Learning to count

Alicia isn't very good with numbers as she is with alphabets so it really takes a lot of patience to teach her the concept of one-to-one correspondence. We're still trying.... lol.

Here's a simple activity I did with her with just her colourful pompoms, paper plates (with numbers) - (beautifully decorated by my mum, which we pasted on her room wall earlier on when she was a baby) and a pair of tongs (optional).

Simply get your preschooler to place the right number of pompoms (reflected on the paper plate) on the paper plate. :)
Count together with her to reinforce the concept. 

*Photos taken on 27Nov 2010*

Alicia reading Afraid of the Dark!

I received this book from my friend some time back and it's naturally become Alicia's. She loves the illustrations!

She loves reading and would often ask to be read to! :)

*photos taken on 26Nov 2010*

More about this book:

Christmas 2010 - Part II

We ended up not doing many homeschooling activities about Christmas because we spent the December hols busy catching up on family time.... which also explains why there aren't many blog entries about homeschooling in Dec. :P

My resolution is to plan more activities for Christmas in 2011! hahaha...

Anyway, she received this book about the nativity for Christmas 09 but I only read the book to her and she didn't get to play with the cardboard characters. (She did however on several occasions get her hands on them and she has lost a few pieces - I believe Joseph is still missing... haha)

Here she is... erm... telling her own version of the nativity... :)

Enjoying Ikea's Easel

A couple of months ago we bought an easel from Ikea for Alicia as she started to show a keen interest in drawing. 

The easel comes with a whiteboard (unfortunately it's non-magnetic!) and a blackboard and there's only one tray - which we found to be insufficient for two boards since the tray can only be attached to either board. We improvised by buying a cutlery holder (yes, from Ikea too!) and attaching it to the side of the easel where the whiteboard is to hold the whiteboard markers. :)

It's a wonderful investment since it can be used for a long long time!!! haha...

*Photos taken on 25Nov 2010*

Just look at that smile! :)

and that intense concentration

so happy that she takes so much pride in holding her marker correctly before she starts drawing

Adding in a scarf for the snowman


hmmm... chalk on the tissue...

Build a letter (lower case)

This was done sooo long ago but I thought I should still put it up on my blog. :)

This activity was made possible by downloading and printing the template for building the lower case alphabets. 

*photos taken on 25Nov 2010*

The letter i!

and j!


Being a responsible girl after the activity - keeping the learning aids

Remember Alicia building the upper case alphabets? You can download the template for upper case here


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