Sorting, sorting and more sorting!

Did I mention that she loves sorting lately? haha. She sorts everything she sees and lays hands on... well, which is a good thing, definitely! It means that she's making connections about items - an essential skill in processing information. :)

This was what she decided to do the other day (8 Nov) with her blocks and my Ikea cups:

Look at her, beaming with pride... :)

And the dismantling begins before she does the sorting all over again!

More sorting activities

Somehow Alicia was extremely in the mood for sorting things in the past few weeks so I took out this old set of learning aids I made for her much earlier.

Posing with the learning aids before the sorting started

And the sorting begins!:

And so she sorted the flowers according to colours and sizes... such a simple activity but so much fun... :)

In the process, we revised the colours, and the concepts of 'big', 'small', 'bigger' and 'smaller' - important concepts for math! :P

Read here for more details about this flower-themed learning aid

Sorting pompoms

This is an extremely easy activity to carry out with your tot and my little gal just kept doing it over and over again! :P After awhile, she got so engaged in the activity, she didn't even notice I went to the kitchen to cook our lunch! haha....

Here's what you need:

  • a set of colourful pompoms
  • a container to hold the pompoms
  • several small containers for the sorting (I used those little disposable 'plates' we place our sauces in for this activity)

Almost done with sorting...

After I bought the first batch of pompoms, I kinda fell in love with them and when I saw a very pretty set at Daiso, I just had to buy it... :P

These aren't so suitable for tonging though due to their design; works well for a sorting sensory game since they are well, furry/ prickly. The red ones (can't be seen in the photo) in particular look like mini rambutans... hee. Tell me you love these too! :P

Orange juice, anyone?

*Activity conducted on 27 Oct*

I actually wanted to juice an orange the other day to make the orange juice sauce for her cod for her lunch. Then I thought, why not just get her to juice the orange with me? :P

It turned out that she really enjoyed herself - but mainly in the drinking bit rather than the squeezing. LOL.

Here's what you need:

  • a small juicer
  • a bowl to place the juicer on (mine came as a set)
  • an orange, halved


Checking out the juice and pulp

This was when she got distracted and started to eat the pulp

hmm, wonder if it's nice...


Her fav part of the activity: drinking the juice

Not much left... :(

No more! :(

Little helper in the kitchen

When your tot is older, you can get her to help out with simple tasks in the kitchen. For this post, I'll be mentioning what I asked my daughter to help to do - really simple things, yet so engaging and meaningful in the eyes of the tot.

Beating eggs for steamed minced pork with egg dish for lunch:

Breaking long spaghetti into short segments for her pasta dinner:

I get her to help put the spaghetti into the boiling water too, but do be careful when you're doing that with your tot! :)

More in the next post! :)


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