Christmas 2010 - Part I

We had our Christmas light-up earlier than Orchard Road this year! Haha. We did up our tree on 12 November with our little helper... 

Last year we didn't set up our tree because she was so naughty and we were sure that she would wreck the tree and the decorations. This year she's sensible enough and she even helped to hang up the decorative items and we bought two snowmen, specially for her and they're hung at the bottom of the tree so that she has access to them. She turns on the tree lights whenever she pleases, even in the day sometimes and I would have to let her admire the lights first then turn them off. Kids are really so adorable aren't they? :)

This was her in 2008, barely half a year old, celebrating Christmas with us:

My little girl has grown up, hasn't she? :D

Alicia's first plant! :)

Solicitous care for living things affords satisfaction to one of the most lively instincts of the child’s mind. Nothing is better calculated than this to awaken an attitude of foresight.
—Maria Montessori

We popped by Hort Park the other day for a walk and decided to buy a small plant for Alicia. Currently we just want her to get used to having a plant within her reach because my cacti babies are not suitable for her to get close to. When she's older and more sensible, we'll be getting her to take care of this little plant by watering it every few days.

Right now, we just want her to learn to respect the plant and in future, this respect should extend to caring for it. :)

Scooping fish!

We bought this simple toy from Daiso the other day and it has provided, literally, hours of fun thus far for us! We play with this during bath time and we'd be scooping fish and balls according to colours, sizes, and we try to teach her to count properly... and not forgetting the fun of simply scooping these items from the tub (and the hand-eye coordination required).

$2 for so much entertainment and learning. Pretty worth it, don't you think? :) 


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