A mother's love

Quite a gross pic and not quite the type you were expecting just by reading the blog post title, but this post is dedicated to my mum :)

This pic was taken a few weeks ago but somehow I didn't manage to find time to write a Thankful Tuesdays post so it has been shelved till now.

It was one of those rare days that my mum could come over to my place on a weekday so she said she'd swing by the market to get my groceries before coming over. And she bought 10 chicken carcasses and 1kg of pork ribs on top of the vegetables. To top it off, she even helped me clean all of the meat and bones and packed them nicely into bags so that I could thaw them when I wanted to make soup. That really saved me loads of time and effort - and she made the task seem effortless actually, but I know how much hard work goes into cleaning up so much stuff.

I'm grateful for the moments that my mum and/or aunt can come over to just visit and play with the kid(s) for awhile while I get some rest or get some free time, especially so when I was sick lately. I'm almost well now and I hope that there'd be no more relapse! :)

What are you thankful for this week?

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