Drop-in Wed at the Peranakan Museum (22 June 2011)

After I put up some of the photos we took at the Singapore Art Museum on my personal Facebook page, my friend left a comment that I should check out the Peranakan Museum for their drop-in Wednesday's programme for kids and I'm so glad that I did!!

As mentioned in the previous post about the Singapore Art museum, as it's Children's Season, kids below 6 have free entry. For the Peranakan Museum, it's having a special promotion where as long as you go with a male, aged between 1-100 (all men get free entry), the females get 50% off the entrance fee (of $6). Since I went with two of my friends who have boys, we all got half-priced tickets.

It was fortunate that we were kiasu and went early (the programme starts at 1pm)... we arrived just slightly before 1pm. The slots for the silkscreen painting of the T-shirt - the special programme scheduled for that day - were filling up fast and despite being one of the earliest in the crowd, we only managed to get a 3.40pm slot!

Well, after registering for the activity, we proceeded for the storytelling session at 1pm... and while waiting for the storytelling to begin, I chanced upon the machine to do the embossing for the paper kebaya:

After storytelling, we took a quick tour of part of the museum before the kids lost interest in the intricate artifacts. 

Here's Alicia with her friend on the exquisite chairs:

The spice drawers where the kids could see and smell the spices commonly used to cook Peranakan dishes:

You could also dress up as a nonya/ baba... (adults are welcomed to do so too)

but Alicia refused to wear the kebaya at the last minute, threw a tantrum...

... and contented herself with trying out the pretty beaded shoes:

rummaging for shoes that she fancies

putting on the shoes on her own

Really pretty shoes, right?

Next we went to register for the photoframe decorating activity... 
we got to decorate this small photoframe with mosaic tiles:

Then queue up to let the lady do the finishing touches of filling in the gaps:

peering inquisitively...

posing with her friend

she was so intent on smiling for the pic that she forgot to show her work..

This is the completed photoframe (which she gave her daddy as his birthday present)

Peeking at objects commonly found in a Peranakan home

Snack time with another of her friends while waiting for the T-shirt painting

After the T-shirt painting was done, she insisted on wearing the T-shirt immediately after the paint had dried and ran to pose for a photo in the room:

Here's the dragon motif T-shirt she made... :)

Gosh, I really never knew museums could be soooo much fun!! :)

*All activities are complimentary with admission.
*Drop-in Wednesdays activities are conducted from 8 May - 29 June 2011.

Father's Day 2011

This year's Father's Day was special for my hubby coz little Alicia had made a card (with my mum) for him!

When the clock struck midnight on that Sunday morning, Alicia presented her card to her daddy!! :)

A sweet little kiss for daddy... who's obviously revelling in the moment...

An afternoon at the Singapore Art Museum (7 June 2011)

We went to the Singapore Art Museum earlier this month and had an afternoon of fun there with Alicia. Visiting museums is part and parcel of a homeschooling curriculum so we thought it'd be great to start bringing her... Besides, it's Children's Season so kids below 6 get free entry and somehow I got free entry too... hmmm... :)

We started with watching a 30min compilation of short video animations (suitable for 2 years and above). After that we took a couple of videos of her 'dressing up' the pictures in the Dress Up Room and she particularly liked to put on (and take off) the decorations of the big 'cake' in the same room. (no photos of this unfortunately)...

There are a couple of hands-on activities we did there:

(a) making a 3D fruit:

Handicraft with daddy..

The glue was truly hard to squeeze out!

The 3D fruits visitors made (and exchanged for real ones)

After awhile, she got bored as the task was too difficult so she went to draw on the 'trees' in the same room while hubby and I busied ourselves putting the pear together...

Here's the completed fruit:

Off it was to the next activity:

(b) stenciling/ colouring

This station offered two activity sheets: stenciling and colouring. She chose stenciling first...

then she bashfully went to ask for a second activity sheet... :)

It's been a long while since we last went to the art museum... the last time we went was when I was pregnant with Alicia! 
This is Alicia's first trip to a musuem and we're so glad that she enjoyed herself... coz just seeing and knowing that she is happy, makes our day :)


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