Painting... with a toothbrush

Some time last week, she asked to paint so instead of painting with the usual medium of fingers and brushes, I whipped out a toothbrush that had just been declared junk and that was what she used that day!:

What you need:
  • an old toothbrush
  • drawing block
  • non-toxic paint
  • palette

A word of caution: the child may try to brush her teeth with the toothbrush so be vigilant!

I quite like the effect created by using a toothbrush and how the paint blends together when brushed rather than mixed together... here's the eventual masterpiece:

Of pegging and sorting

After the short activity with flowers, we went on to try out pegging to hone her fine motor skills.

What you need for the activity:
  • A hanger with small pegs OR small pegs and some yarn
  • small pieces of clothing (preferably your child's) 

If using small pegs and yarn, tie the yarn to two chairs (or anything else that you can secure the string to) at your child's height. 

For my activity, I used her burp cloths for the small items to be pegged. 

Demonstrate how it is done then allow the child to have a go at it. Take it step by step: let the child press and release the peg a few times before starting to peg actual items.

Let me try...

 Figuring out how it works

 It actually requires quite some coordination to hold the item with one hand and peg with the other so don't be disheartened if your child can't do it this time - it may take a few more months before she's able to do it... and so I just let her practise either pressing the peg (while I hold the cloth in place) and vice versa.

 Hmm... why can't I do it myself???

Once your child loses interest, you can move on to the next activity, and here's what I prepared for her:

 Sock matching activity

For starters, just 3 pairs of different-patterned socks will do.

She expressed little interest in the activity and tried to wear the socks instead... :P

Then she decided that she wanted to hang up her dog:

Well, sometimes activities don't happen the way we want them to but that's life isn't it?

I'll just try my luck again next time! :P

Flowers on a rainy morning...

Remember the previous post?

Well, here's what we did with the flowers we collected and since it was a rainy morning after the day we collected the flowers, it was an enjoyable indoor activity! :)

What you need for the activity:
  • a sheet of drawing block
  • two pieces of masking tape
  • some flowers

I stuck two pieces of masking tape on a piece of drawing block, with most of the sticky side up and her task was to stick the flowers onto the tape.

It kept her busy for awhile:

And after she was done sticking all the flowers, she decided to rip off the tape and so I made it into a bracelet for her... fashionable huh? :P

Now don't go plucking all the flowers from your neighbourhood plants after this post coz these flowers we collected were already on the ground! :)

Let your little one venture around and see what you both can find on your little nature trail!


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