Learning Chinese at home

Not sure if you remember, I went on a long long hiatus from my blog since I was pregnant with Alex and only regained my blogging mojo not long ago. Hence, plenty of my homelearning with Alicia was documented only on my Facebook page but not my blog.

I decided that I would try my best to compile what we have done over the months, though for obvious reasons, I may not have in the first place documented everything we did, in case it may seem very little to you. :)

We did quite a bit of cutting and pasting during that period of time because she really loved that. So, try to observe what your child likes and leverage on that when you do home learning.

I have decided that instead of placing all that we did into one post, I will break it down into different posts and you can refer to all my learning Chinese posts at one click. All future posts will be linked there too so it'd be a one-stop station for sharing my teaching of Chinese at home. :)

Stay tuned!

My lil artist - Batik paintings

I'd meant to post this much earlier but the framing of the pictures took quite awhile and I was feeling under the weather recently so I hardly had energy to sit down at the comp to blog.

I bought a total of 6 batik painting kits for Alicia to work on (at first I bought only 2 to try out but she loved it so much so I bought 4 more).

The kit states that it's suitable for 3 years and above. Although I came across this much much earlier, I hesitated because I felt that she wasn't patient or dexterous enough for painting in such great detail. Eventually I decided to give it a shot and we were all very surprised at her ability to concentrate and also at her powers of observation (checking against the tiny picture for the suggested colour scheme). 

See that tiny pic at the top of her painting (shown below)? The kit comes with pics of the rest of the available batik kits so I cut out the relevant one and placed it near her as she painted so she would not be distracted. The kit also comes with a paintbrush and the paint needed for the activity so you will not need to prepare anything else for this activity except for a jar of water to rinse your brush.

Attempt #1

Attempt #2

Attempt #3

There are 3 more painting kits and I'm trying to space them out so that she gets a variety of art activities.

We have a column in the house that could not be hacked during the renovation and my hubby had given me the 'honourable task' of decorating it. I'm so happy to say that my 'problem' has been solved by Alicia! This is gonna be her batik painting wall!

Actually my budding artist has so many pieces of art work that I might just run out of walls to hang her work some day. And Alex hasn't even started on art yet! haha...

3 more paintings to go!

Disclosure: I did not receive any form of compensation for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% mine.


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