Thankful for the simplest things in life

3pm on Sunday and hubby remarked that he hadn't had the chance to brush his teeth or wash his face. I replied that it's ok, I haven't either. I'm just thankful that I could get out of bed.

I was struck with vertigo on Saturday evening - totally ruined the long weekend. After the art class trial, we went to stock up on kiddos' food stuff at Square 2 then headed home and that was when it hit. I was patting the overstimulated Alex to bed, bent over his cot. Perhaps I was bent over for too long but the dizziness that came right after never did go away fully until today.

It was so bad on Sunday that I couldn't get out of bed and when I sat up I just felt like throwing up. So I lay there in bed, immobilised, giving instructions to hubby about what to feed the kids in my faint voice. I had planned to make Alicia's favourite steamed egg with minced meat, but there was no way hubby would manage to make it for her. So I just told him to cook sweet potato porridge. And Alex could eat pasta with pasta sauce (sans cod or broccoli - not sure if I had enough energy to convey how long to steam the food for or how broccoli should be cut).

And so, the kids had a compromised lunch because mummy couldn't get out of bed - the simplest act which is taken for granted every day.

So when I got out of bed on Monday morning, still a little giddy, I was still thankful that I managed to get out of bed and go about the usual chores, albeit a little slower than usual.

It was a good experience for hubby too I guess. Not being able to get up for the kids meant that everything had to be done by him (except breastfeed Alex). Not that he doesn't appreciate what I do on a daily basis, but it was still a good reminder that stay home mommas don't really have it that easy as people think. The chores we do are mundane and repetitive, but they aren't easy for everybody. :)

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Review of HeART Studio

We had been looking forward to the art class trial all week and we were glad when Saturday finally arrived. :) Alicia had not attended any classes since a long time ago so she was quite apprehensive when she entered the class. She'd been asking if mummy would be going in with her throughout the car ride there. I wonder why she was so apprehensive considering she attends a 3-hour nursery on weekdays...

Nevertheless, she was willing to pose for a shot before class started, all ready to begin with the apron provided. And that the teacher was friendly and approachable helped a lot too in easing the tension. :)

Alicia attended the class for 3-4 year olds (little Dali) and the theme for that day's lesson was flowers.  Their teacher was lively and animated and definitely captured the kids' attention. First he explained that they would be painting either a daisy or a sunflower for the lesson.

Then he went on to tell the kids about the colours they could choose for the background:

After that, the kids were asked to pick a colour each and start painting the canvas with the acrylic paint. My lil girl chose red instead of her favourite colour blue! But I decided not to interfere. :P

They were then supposed to dry their own paintings before moving on to the next step. There were only 2 hairdryers (there were a total of 5 kids that day) so they had a chance at turn-taking.

Next, they were asked to choose a colour and draw a big/small circle depending on whether they chose to draw the sunflower or daisy. 

Alicia tried to jump the gun by drawing in the petals...

Then they chose a colour for the petals. She was a bit afraid to spill the paint when mixing so the teacher helped her out.

In the midst of painting her daisy

Filling the petals with colour

Then off to the hairdryer again!

Next up, they could choose any colour to outline their flower with the oil pastels provided.

The teacher explained how to do the outline as well as fill in details in the centre of the flower and the details on the petals.

Once she was done, she was off to the washing area to clean her hands. I like that the sinks are at the right height for the kids and the area is kept dry. And she even got a small towel to dry her hands!

End of class and that's her masterpiece. Not particularly outstanding because of her choice of colours but I'm glad the teacher respected her choices and allowed her to proceed.

And with such a nice teacher, we just had to have a photo taken together! :)

We arrived just on time for the lesson so I took just a few shots of the place quickly after class ended - you can see that there are 3 classrooms (for the 3 age groups - 3-4 yo (little Dali), 5-6 yo (little Picasso) and 7-12 yo (Young Van Gogh)):

And here's the other side of the corridor:

If you're interested to paint with your child, you can even opt for the Splash! on Canvas class (age 5 and above). Please call for more information. :)

And of course, if you have people waiting for you in that 1 hour, they can always wait at the waiting area which is beautifully painted by the teachers:

My hubby and Alex (and yummy durian puffs from a nearby bakery)

Good news!
For readers of Simply Mommie, you can enjoy a special 5% discount if you take up a term (10 lessons) at HeART studio. Simply quote HSTSMB6 to enjoy this discount!

HeART Studio:
101 Soo Chow Walk Singapore 575385
Tel: (65) 65547563
Email: info@heartstudiosg.com

Disclosure: We were invited to attend a complimentary trial class. All opinions expressed are my own.


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