Parenting pleasures: time alone with just one kid

Yes, I spend all my days with my children. But ever since Alicia started preschool in July, I've had the opportunity to be alone with Alex (for just a little while before his mid-day-after-lunch nap).

Now that Alicia has Chinese enrichment class, it means that I get to spend that almost 2 hours of time  out alone with Alex! 

Here's Alex and his favourite mess-up activity at home before his lunch:

I have dedicated my kitchen drawers to my boy (all except the highest one). I have many friends who do not allow their kids in the kitchen. Being the only one taking care of the children, leaving them out of the kitchen was not a feasible solution when I had to be in the kitchen. Now in my new place, I have an open concept kitchen so really, there's no way of keeping them out anyway.

I believe in giving them safe play so I place stuff that are safe in the drawers for rummaging pleasure. Throw in a surprise like a Hello Kitty toy amidst the usual kitchen towels now and then to spice things up! :P

He has worked his way up the drawers over the months. Now he's tall enough for the second drawer so I've taken out all the dangerous stuff from there too! You can really tell he loves to mess up the place right?

After his nap, we head off to pick jiejie up from school and off to enrichment class while we shop, nurse and change him and stop for a snack:

 And off to the library!:

He was charming everyone around him with his cheeky smile...

...all except the librarians I guess since he was happily pulling books off the shelves! I couldn't get pictures of his charming, cute, cheeky smile as he pulled books off (like how he messes up my kitchen) coz I was busy placing the books back!

I love how he crawls and cruises around the library and stopping by shelves to 'choose books'. :P

I'm really starting to enjoy time alone with just one kid at a time! I have special Wednesdays out with Alicia (sometimes didi does tag along but she gets priority for what she wants to do that afternoon after school!) and now Mondays with Alex. :)

Those with more than one kid should really try to set aside some time alone with each kid once a week! I know my girl looks forward to Wednesdays! :)

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