A morning with flowers and leaves :)

Last Thursday we had fine weather so after marketing, I brought Alicia downstairs with the intention to explore the flowers in our neighbourhood as part of the series of activities for teaching the letter F and simply for appreciating nature.

As expected, she ran excitedly to the playground immediately so my plan had to be shelved, or so it seemed.

It turned out that someone had plucked ixora by the bunches and left them strewn all over the playground compound so we still got to erm, spend time examining flowers. And in the end, I'm glad to say, Alicia's attention was not so much on the playground than it was on collecting and examining flowers and leaves. :)

She ran round in search of more flowers and leaves that were on the ground and played with them in her way:

wow! flowers!

More flowers!

She remembered what she did the previous time with the ixora and I must say her fine motor skills have improved!


Going round in search of more flowers and leaves

Look what I found, mummy!

The tired gal in her pram - but still holding on to leaves...

We collected some of the flowers she played with for a follow-up activity... stay tuned! :)

An interesting book

My sis-in-law bought this book for Alicia some time back but because I felt that she wasn't ready for it then, I just placed it on Alicia's bookshelf, awaiting the day that she'd be mature enough to make use of the book properly.

A few days back, Alicia was rummaging through her bookshelf and she took this book and told me she wanted to read it. 

This is really quite a good buy as it's only about $2 from Popular bookstore (was on special offer) and it has stickers of pictures and words which the child is supposed to stick on the right pages.

The format of the book: on one page, there is the picture of the object and on the other, the word.
The child is supposed to stick the picture and word accordingly. See pic below:

Alicia associating the real object with what she sees in the book

Listening attentively to instructions

Having fun pasting the stickers

Alright, she had more fun with the picture stickers than the words and her attention span only allowed us to go through 3-4 words before she moved on to something else.... kids... :P

This book is one of the six in the series so if you're interested, hop by Popular bookstore to check it out! :)

Lower prices at Simply Mommie's Precious Handmades and Children's Day Promo!

Dear readers,

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Children's Day promotion:
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