Fun with cookie cutters (II)

It has been some time since I last used my cookie cutters as I don't bake cookies (no one in the family is a cookie monster and really, we would rather spend the calories on something else) and I've been just cooking Alicia's sweet potato with the porridge.

However, the other day I decided to give her some sweet potato on the spur of the moment so I thought it was time to revive the cookie cutters and let Alicia have a go at using them - it's her first time! It's quite good practice for hand-eye coordination for the little one! And she gets to eat what she made - that's achievement for a little girl I guess. lol.

 I demonstrated what to do with the cookie cutters first

and she's ready to go!


Yummy! I think they taste better when I cut them myself! lol.

 chomp chomp...

 She enjoyed the activity more than the eating bit... :P But well, that's my girl.

Fun with little fingerprints

On one of my excursions to Tiong Bahru Plaza with Alicia, I picked up this interesting book from Popular. Actually I thought there might be a story instead of merely instructions in the book but as it turned out, it's really quite pictorial - showing how to draw interesting pictures of people and modes of transport with fingerprints and some doodling, step by step.

I've always been interested in getting non-toxic inkpads so when I saw this, I thought it was rather ideal. It costs $11.90, and comes with the inkpad.

Well, we were rather disappointed when we tried to use the inkpad as well, an inkpad. Only Alicia seemed to be able to get some ink on her fingers! After trying out for awhile, we realised that the trick was not to press the finger on the pad but to swipe the finger across it. lol.

Well, hubby had quite some fun with her that day and here's the completed masterpiece! :P

Pretend play - doll house

I've been so busy of late that I've hardly had time to turn on the computer, and even if I do turn on the comp, I'd be busy doing up some GP stuff - that, of course explains why I haven't been blogging. As I type, I'm having a queasy, upset tummy so I shall keep things short and sweet...

Here's a long overdue post - Alicia's Children's Day pressie from maternal grandma and grandaunt: a doll house!

Well, Alicia has always been fascinated with her cousin's doll house and would always play with it at my mum's place so they decided to get her one too. Alicia was naturally elated! :)

Setting up the doll house with grandaunt

Things happened so fast I didn't get a chance to take a pic of the doll house in the packaging! lol.

Alicia's favourite character is... the DOG! lol.


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