Aglio Olio - the toddler version

Her pan-fried cod's missing from this picture coz she ate it already!

I made spicy aglio olio with prawns for dinner for my hubby and myself a couple of weeks ago and I prepared a non-spicy version for Alicia and it was a hit with her.

Baby Aglio Olio is really easy to make.

Just have:
lots of garlic
some olive oil and of course
your choice of pasta
a pinch of salt (optional)

Slice garlic into thin slices. Set the pasta to cook.

Heat the oil (but not too hot such that garlic will burn immediately).

Put in the garlic and fry till fragrant but not browned as it will become bitter. Once the garlic oil is done, remove the garlic slices and pour the oil over the cooked pasta.

Toss to coat the pasta with the garlic oil evenly.

Serve with side dishes or simply toss in some veggies and cooked meat to make a complete meal for the toddler! :)


  1. i remmeber seeing some garlic oil in the market. can just use those right? can try this with macaroni for jumpy to self feed.. hope she likes it

  2. Not sure since I hardly pay attention to the oil section! haha. I usually just grab what I need and go... :) But self-feeding this with hands may be a little messy coz it's oily!


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