The bumbo re-visited

It's been quite awhile since we managed to get Alicia to sit down nicely on her bumbo. Today I brought out the bumbo and told her to sit down and she obediently walked over to me and sat down in her bumbo. Surreal isn't it? :) Well, that's just coz I was holding her pink bowl of snacks and she wanted to eat her wholegrains. So here's Alicia sitting in her bumbo with her blue tray and pink bowl of snacks, watching tv. Just in case you're wondering why I'm not using the original tray, well, she hates the tray because it's too restrictive (she can push away the blue tray when she wants to get up but she can't do that with the original tray!) and I've definitely got a gal who literally, doesn't like to be tied down.

In the past, she used to hate to sit in bumbo. We surmise that it's because she had difficulty getting out of it in the past. Now that she's so adept at climbing out of it, she doesn't view bumbo as a threat to her freedom anymore. In fact, we see her climbing into bumbo to sit down ever so willingly at times even when we didn't ask her to do so!

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