Polie and Stitch

Alicia simply loves soft toys, whether they be big or small. As long they are soft and cuddly, that's good enough for my darling. :)

This huge polar bear - which we have affectionately named Polie - was given to her by my students when she was 1 month old but we've only taken him out about a month ago for her when we did spring cleaning of the storeroom. We'd thought he was too big for her to handle but now we decided she was ready for him. She adores him and would frolick in bed every night with the bear and the rest of the soft toys!

Stitch is my hubby's gift to me on our wedding anniversary this year coz he'd been wanting to get me a Stitch soft toy all along but couldn't manage to find any that was ideal. Finally he managed to find it this year and now, Stitch is part of our happy family :)

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