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Alicia has been able to remove her own clothes for quite some time already - unfortunately I forgot to note down when she managed to do so exactly for the first time. But anyway, the milestone chart from babycenter states that the minority of toddlers will be able to remove a piece of clothing at 16mths on their own (it's considered an advanced skill) and it's a skill that most toddlers would have acquired by 20mths...

As for putting on a loose piece of clothing, the milestone chart states that only a handful of toddlers will be able to do so at 22mths. So far, Alicia hasn't been successful in putting on clothes, but you can be sure she's already trying to do so. They say practice makes perfect - and I'm sure Alicia is abiding by that good old adage. Here are her unsuccessful attempts that I've managed to capture:

Here's Alicia some time back, trying to put on her pants...

This is a more recent video of her trying to put on her singlet!

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