The Letter C - Caterpillar

I didn't actually mean to introduce the letter C yet but since Alicia found the new caterpillar activity I made for her (and she was REALLY excited about it!), I decided to just start since we've been on B for quite awhile anyway... and I think she's bored with the B words!

She loves this little caterpillar... and you can get the template here. All I did was to cut the template in the shape of the letter C with an art scissors, cut out the individual parts of the caterpillar then laminate all of these and cut again... hmm... actually rather time-consuming. But I'm glad she liked it... then it makes the effort worth it.... There's actually another add-on for older kids who can use this same activity for counting. I think at this moment, I just want Alicia to concentrate on the alphabet first so I'll add the numbers later!

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