Celebrating Natalie's 3rd bday!

Here're some photos and a video of Alicia celebrating her cousin, Natalie's birthday at my mum's place as well as at my brother's on the next day.

Stealing a taste of the cake before it's cut!

Let's dig in!

Here's Alicia concentrating very hard on drinking...
it's the first time she's so cooperative drinking straight from a packet!

It's a pity we couldn't capture more photos of the party held at my brother's coz my camera battery went flat... but Alicia enjoyed herself! And judging from Nat's behaviour last night, I'm sure she enjoyed every moment of her birthday party! :)


  1. Hi Angie, how wonderful it is to keep a blog for your daughter. :) Keep up with the breastfeeding! It is truly the best thing you can give your child!


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