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Some time in late April/ early May, I wrote an article for myplayschool to share how I teach Alicia the alphabet upon Pauline's request/ invitation. (Myplayschool is a newly set up site to share activities and ideas for teaching the toddler and preschooler at home.)

You can view my article here. Essentially, it's really one of my old posts but I have included some of my teaching philosophies and the approach I take for teaching little tots.

I think it's crucial to read this article of mine there, especially if you happen to have the misconception that I stress my little one out by trying to teach her so early. Certainly, that is not my intention. And that is definitely not what I have done. I go through learning aids only when she wants to and I never force her to learn when she doesn't want to, simply because trying to do so would be fruitless anyway. :P

Have a good read and I hope to finish part II of this instalment by the end of this week! (I've promised Pauline! haha... :P)

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  1. Thanks Angie, for your link and intro here about our website :) looking forward to the part 2 of your article :)


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