GP anyone? :)

Lest I be accused of destroying my child's childhood and stressing her out etc, you might be interested to know that this photo was taken during one of Alicia's lunchtimes... and I was just doing my job - feeding her, not teaching GP! :)

She has the habit of rummaging through my bookshelf and helping herself to all the books. Somehow that day instead of 'reading' my usual literary texts (she must be well-versed in 17th-19th century lit by now and perhaps can recite Paradise Lost even... hahahaha), she was busying herself with the GP Five-year-series and the Cambridge examiner's reports. :P Next, she went on to the RJ Bull... maybe she met with a question she didn't know how to answer. Haha... ya right.. :P

It was fun, nevertheless. :) And I just have to say that this is the must-have photo for ALL GP teachers! :)

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