Celebrating Willa's birthday

My friends (Willa and Shuyi) came over today to visit and since it will be Willa's birthday in another 4 days, Shuyi and I arranged to have a surprise birthday celebration for her. We were both certain that April (Shuyi's daughter) and Alicia would enjoy the celebration (and the cake). :)

Well, true enough, the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and so did the adults who were busy taking photos!

Alicia trying to hug Aunty Willa... :P

1/4kg cake from QBread

Perfect size for a small celebration!

Blowing out the candles (Alicia blew out one after I placed the cake on the table... I didn't even see how it happened... it just did)

Cutting the cake:

Alicia insisting on cutting the cake with Aunty Willa!

Look at Aunty Willa's sweet smile!

Let's dispense with the formalities and help ourselves!

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