Review of Eric Carle's Do you want to be my friend?

This is a quaint little book which doesn't have any words other than the title and at the end of the book!

It has pictures of an animal and a tail of the next animal each time you turn the page, but no words.

While it doesn't quite boost the vocabulary of a young reader (since there are hardly any words to speak of), it addresses something crucial in reading skills - something that will benefit young readers in comprehension in future - and that is the skill of prediction.

The fact that there are no words, the reader is forced to concentrate hard on the pictures and of course, as parents or guardians reading the book with the tot, do encourage the tot to guess what animal comes next on the page just by looking at the tail.

The most interesting part lies in the last animal - which, I hope, you will find that out for yourself by getting your hands on the book! :)

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