Flowers on a rainy morning...

Remember the previous post?

Well, here's what we did with the flowers we collected and since it was a rainy morning after the day we collected the flowers, it was an enjoyable indoor activity! :)

What you need for the activity:
  • a sheet of drawing block
  • two pieces of masking tape
  • some flowers

I stuck two pieces of masking tape on a piece of drawing block, with most of the sticky side up and her task was to stick the flowers onto the tape.

It kept her busy for awhile:

And after she was done sticking all the flowers, she decided to rip off the tape and so I made it into a bracelet for her... fashionable huh? :P

Now don't go plucking all the flowers from your neighbourhood plants after this post coz these flowers we collected were already on the ground! :)

Let your little one venture around and see what you both can find on your little nature trail!

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