Review of Karihome Goat's Milk sweeties

Don't get me wrong. I do not  feed my daughter sweets and I don't advocate giving sweets to such young tots anyway. In fact, when the promoter for this product kept trying to introduce this to me, I kept insisting that I don't give Alicia sweets.

It was only after she made herself clear that these weren't sweets that I stopped to listen. :P

These little 'sweeties' are made from goat's milk powder manufactured in NZ. The product itself however is made in Taiwan. Since it's goat milk, children allergic to cow's milk can safely take this product. :) In fact, this product can be consumed by babies above 7mths up to adults!

There are a total of 4 available flavours: original, strawberry, grape and yogurt. Alicia tried them all and the promoter recommended me the yogurt one so I decided to go with it.

There are approximately 150 pieces in each bottle and each bottle costs $14.60. Once opened, it has to be consumed in a month for best results. That means, Alicia has to eat at least 5 sweeties a day to finish up the bottle within a month.

That so far has proven to be very easy for Alicia. Every morning since Monday, she has been asking for her daily dose of 'sweeties' as part of breakfast. :) I hope she keeps up the good work! lol. Anyway, the directions on the can states 'take 3-10 sweeties per time'. I assume 'per time' means per day... otherwise the tot would finish up the bottle in a couple of days! :P

This product contains essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates and it has been enriched with iron and vitamin C. These sweeties are naturally rich in protein, calcium and vitamin A: everything that I feel that Alicia needs since she's quite fussy about her food and still refuses formula milk. Besides, since she doesn't take so well to yogurt, this new product that I've bought seems to be a perfect substitute and solution to my worries! :) No need for additional nutritional supplements!

There are a total of three different patterned sweeties: bear, elephant and bird/duck (can't really make out if it's a bird or duck! lol). My bottle predominantly features the elephant and the bird/duck seems to be rather rare.

This product is really worth a try, especially if your tot has already been introduced to sweets as this would be a great substitute.

Karihome Goat's Milk sweeties is available at supermarkets and pharmacies (I got mine at NTUC).


  1. hihi,

    I have the same problem as you :( my 17mths old twins refused to drink formula too. Just wondering if you managed to get your girl to take to formula eventually? Anyway, was this sweeties any good? Your girl have been taking it ever since? I'm wondering if I shld let my girls try this as a supplement for them :)

  2. I never got her to drink formula! haha... the sweeties are fine, she took it for a while but got tired of it... u can always try it out and see if they like it! :)


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