Tonging (Part I)

*Overdue post - activity conducted on 24 October*

This simple activity of tonging cotton balls hones the tot's fine motor skills, in particular, learning how to control fine finger motion.

I used cotton balls at first as I didn't have anything else that was suitable. The next post will show another tonging activity with different coloured pompoms. :)

Transferring items using tongs

What you need for the activity:
  1. a pair of small tongs
  2. two containers
  3. cotton balls (about 10)
  4. an inquisitive tot :)

The setup:

Tongs from NTUC:

Tot at work:

After she tonged all the balls, she proceeded to pour all back into the first container

Ta-da! :) Multiple balls!

*Updated pics of alternative tongs from Ikea*:

Play pretend utensils from Ikea, Kids section

The set of utensils:

Alicia using the new tools:

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