Steamed Tofu with Prawns and Glass Noodles

I was inspired to cook this dish after looking at the beautiful pictures at Foodie's Kitchen. My dish turned out yummy but my photos are far from hers though. :P 

It was perfect timing the day I decided to cook this dish because the night before I came to the decision, I happened to have bought silken tofu from Meidi-ya - this special silken tofu was kept in shelves of ice cold water to retain optimum freshness... and it is almost double the price of normal tofu brands. 

This block of tofu costs about S$1.90!

Steaming this tofu was ideal as we could really savour the texture and flavour. :)

I had a lot more prawns than tofu and my prawns were larger than each tofu cube... but everything still worked out well. Hahaha...

I especially loved the look of the curly scallions and it's all thanks to homeladychef for sharing the tip! :)

Steamed Tofu with Prawns and Glass Noodles


  • almost half kg of prawns
  • a few cloves of garlic, minced
  • olive oil
  • 1 bunch scallions (for garnishing - optional)
  • 1 block silken tofu
  • 1 small bunch of tang hoon 


  • light soy sauce mixed with rock sugar to taste


  1. Soak tang hoon in water till softened.
  2. Remove tofu from packaging and cut into blocks (best to have 1 prawn per cube of tofu)
  3. Remove head and shell of prawns (retail the tail) and devein. 
  4. Prepare garlic oil by either frying the garlic with oil on stovetop or popping it into the microwave for 2-3min.
  5. Arrange glass noodles on plate for steaming.
  6. Carefully place the tofu on the glass noodles and top each tofu block with a prawn.
  7. Once water in the steamer is boiling hot, place the dish in and steam for about 6 min.
  8. Meanwhile, prepare the sauce. Add some water if necessary, depending on your preferences. Heat this sauce on stovetop or pop it into the microwave to warm it.
  9. Drizzle this sauce over the cooked dish and top with garlic oil and the crispy garlic bits.
  10. Garnish with curly scallions.

Such a simple dish to cook and soooo presentable! :)

Here's our dinner the other day - 

Ok, I know that's way too much food for 2 but we still finished it all... hahaha...

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  1. This is awesome! Nevermind the picture, the taste is the most important thing, as we all want our families to have a good meal rather than a good picture of it. Haha....


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