Basic Cupcake decoration course at BIY (Christmas theme)

Ever since Alicia's second birthday celebration at Julia Gabriel in 2010, I've been wanting to attend a cupcake decoration course... well erm, so that Alicia can have mummy's cupcakes for parties in future... lol... (but will mummy overcome the inertia of baking the cupcakes? :P)

I finally found a suitable timing at B-I-Y and since I'm a noob at decorating, I decided to go for the basic cupcake deco course. After all, I'm interested in icing techniques and the fondant course - which requires 3 hours of me - is just too long. In fact, I didn't even have time to stay for photo-taking and stuff for my 1.5hr course and had to rush back home to Alicia.

The course was easy and fun though I thought the extra cupcakes - which were handed out to be brought home as a snack - could have been distributed earlier for decorating purposes since I'd finished decorating my four cupcakes and was sitting around waiting.... not even sure what I was waiting for. :P

Apart from that, I would say it was a memorable experience and the instructor was nice... and till I have really a lot of time on my hands, or till I really have an occasion to bake those cupcakes and make the icing and decorate them (I only love the decorating bit!), we'll see what I can come up with. LOL.

Since the course I attended was in early Dec 2010, the theme was Christmas, which explains all the Christmas-y bits of my cupcakes:

got this little penguin only because no one else wanted the one-eyed fella

they survived the trip home in a super-packed train

Alicia enjoying the cupcakes:

Little Miss Cheeky deciding which other cupcakes to devour... look at the poor halved penguin :P


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