Enjoying Ikea's Easel

A couple of months ago we bought an easel from Ikea for Alicia as she started to show a keen interest in drawing. 

The easel comes with a whiteboard (unfortunately it's non-magnetic!) and a blackboard and there's only one tray - which we found to be insufficient for two boards since the tray can only be attached to either board. We improvised by buying a cutlery holder (yes, from Ikea too!) and attaching it to the side of the easel where the whiteboard is to hold the whiteboard markers. :)

It's a wonderful investment since it can be used for a long long time!!! haha...

*Photos taken on 25Nov 2010*

Just look at that smile! :)

and that intense concentration

so happy that she takes so much pride in holding her marker correctly before she starts drawing

Adding in a scarf for the snowman


hmmm... chalk on the tissue...

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