Homemade fingerpaint fun (Part II)

We did this activity on 30 April... and little Alicia had great fun - I think she preferred stamping with the lotus root compared to the shanghai green...

Setup as shown below and make the paint:

Line the floor with newspapers to minimise cleanup

Get the lotus root with that 'stalk' so that it makes stamping easier

Telling her daddy she's having fun... :P

this was before she destroyed her work... as you can see, the lotus root makes a lovely stamper!

there she goes with her hands...

... and feet (check out the big handprints - they're mine!)

rubbing her hands in glee

'lotion' time again with the fingerpaint...

Even her legs she didnt spare... :)

After this, it was off to a good bath followed by her afternoon snack of sweet potato soup! :) 
All that painting made her hungry! lol

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