And the baby's full term...

It's been a long while since I blogged and I thought that I should just pen a few thoughts before I deliver little Alex. After all, I'm 37 weeks this week... and for the last pregnancy, I was warded immediately after my 37th week appointment with my gynae. Who knows for sure what will happen this time? And who knows when I'll have time and energy to turn on the comp? :P

This pregnancy was not a smooth sailing one from the beginning, starting from the fact that it was an unplanned one. There were lots of unhappy thoughts and I was just full of apprehension of how I was going to cope with Alicia with a big tummy and all the pregnancy woes. Then there was spotting in the early weeks and the unsatisfactory Down's Syndrome test (which turned out ok at the end) and the low lying placenta detected during the 5th month detailed scan (which has thankfully moved up).

Fast forward and at 37 weeks now and I'm still doing well, being able to take good care of my little princess and hubby, doing regular marketing and cooking dinners and bringing my princess to the nearby pool for regular dips despite my huge belly - which just freaks my mum out thinking how I can possibly make it to the market: and I didn't even mention the swimming. All I can say is thank God for the energy and good health I've been blessed with.

Now that I'm so close to delivery, I feel so overwhelmed by memories of the days when I just gave birth to Alicia and the confinement month. I had a terrible time and I'm really hoping that things would be much better for me this time round. I hope that I can get my privacy and personal space and time to bond with my little family - I really think it's important for us to have quiet time to spend as a small family unit, to adjust and welcome a little baby into our lives. I just wonder if that's too much to ask for.

I'll be tandem nursing this time - little Alex will get his milk immediately since his sister is still latching on. It's such an exciting thought, nursing both my darlings. I do hope that nursing them together will bring as much joy to them and ease any jealousy on Alicia's part. And I so hope that little Alex will know how to latch on, unlike his sister who only learnt to do so after the first month!

Anyway, I never imagined that I would breastfeed Alicia for so long but I guess anyone who managed to overcome the problems I did with breastfeeding her would have made the same choice. There are far too many critics of extended breastfeeding out there and so probably tandem nursing would be just too much for those people to accept. I'd probably have to put up with lots of nonsense from ignorant 'well-meaning' people but seriously, I don't give a damn. Breastfeeding is a personal choice and tandem breastfeeding is not only my choice, but also Alicia's. People ought to respect that.

So much lies ahead and will take place so very very soon. In my anxious moments, I was much comforted when my friend told me, 'God will provide' - I'm sure that includes a supportive hubby who keeps reassuring me that everything will be fine :)


  1. Good luck gal! looking forward to your updates! :)

    And yes, breastfeeding decisions are not for other people to mind :)

  2. wow! congrats!

    my mummy wanteda tandem nurse but alas, things didn't go as she planned and she had to stop breastfeeding my korkor at 3 years 3months before I got into her tummy.

    and yes, God will provide! 加油吧!

  3. Hi! Hope you are coping well!!! I stopped bf jumpy cos i felt she understands too many things making me feel rather uneasy "exposing" myself in front of her lol. She will tease n play with my boobs at times too n tat really makes me uneasy!! But im glad i stopped hehe. BUT bf is gd! So keep it up!!

  4. Hi Jumpy,
    Sorry for the late reply! Just updated my blog for the first time in 4 months! haha... you can read my update on bfding there! :)


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