Guest Post: A Healthy Pregnancy for Mom and Baby

Taking a pregnancy test can be nerve wracking; finally seeing that “plus” sign, an epiphany. One of the initial things a soon to be mommy must consider is the impact of the pregnancy may have on her own health. To have a healthy baby, one must be healthy themselves.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, “Pregnancy and childbirth have a huge impact on the physical, mental, emotional, and socio-economical health of women and their families.” So, as a first step, it is imperative to make sure that a mom-to-be’s health is attended to. A healthy pregnancy aids in the easiest possible delivery, and working towards this actually begins in the first trimester.

Proper nutrition and vitamin supplements should be one of the first things a mother uses to assure her own health, as well as her baby’s. Prenatal vitamins are strongly recommended to be used throughout the duration of a pregnancy as well as months after delivery to help achieve a mother’s full recuperation. In the case of nutrition, cravings will definitely be a part of the process. Indulging once in awhile, so long as you stick mainly to a diet of lean meat and a variety of fruits and vegetables, is completely acceptable.

In the case of baby’s nutrition post delivery, it’s a good idea to consider your options. There are two ways to provide the necessary nutrition to your newborn: the first is breastfeeding, and the second is formula. Each alternative will supply an your infant with nutrients, so whatever way you choose to feed your baby is up to you. If you are considering breastfeeding, there are breastfeeding classes that will help you learn more about the process and techniques involved.

Taking a childbirth class is another great idea. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first pregnancy or your fifth, childbirth classes can help a mother prepare by informing her of the available birth procedures at that facility. Learning how labor will affect your body, what to expect during delivery and options available post-delivery will all help a mother feel more prepared.

Childbirth class will also help you prepare a birth plan if you’d like. A birth plan is simply an outline you can give your medical team about how you’d like your delivery day to go. Things to include are what sort of pain management you’d like to use, how you’d like your baby presented to you, and if you’ll be partaking in any optional procedures, like cord blood banking, post-delivery. Cord blood banking involves collecting the blood from your baby’s umbilical cord and storing it as a potential medical resource for your family to be used to treat potential future diseases that could affect your family.

Finding focus and peace, while adhering to healthy guidelines, are likely the most important preparations a mom-to-be can make.  The benefits of attending to your health the best you can will make delivery day as joyous as it ought to be.

This article was written by Alan Cassidy, an active writer within the blogging community covering maternity and childbirth, and always advocating for infant and children’s health. Connect with him on Twitter @ACassidy22

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