Lil man reaches 10mths!

Lil Alex is 10mths old and I realise I haven't really blogged about him. Poor lil one. That's what happens to subsequent children? Lol. Fortunately I haven't neglected him in real life, and that's what's more important!

Here's a quick update about the little man.

  • He has 3.5 teeth now - one is still emerging from the gums - must be very painful for him coz he's not sleeping well (and that means mummy doesn't get to sleep well too).
  • He has been drinking from the straw since 9mths old and now drinks water from his straw cup during meals all on his own like a big boy (as in he'd sip from his cup when he needs/wants to then eat the next mouth of food).
  • He has been cruising for erm, the longest time. Still not walking on his own though.
  • He is still only 7.7kg (doesn't look like he's gonna triple his birth weight when he turns 1 but I'm thankful he didn't lose weight when he got bronchiolitis (not the same as bronchitis!) recently).
  • He loves only mummy's milk. Offer him a bottle of formula and he'll bite. Quite literally.
  • Favourite foods: cod and broccoli. And he loves to eat them on their own. No mashing up everything into my porridge, thank you. Pumpkin and sweet potato are fine in the porridge though.
  • Hair. Not much. He thinks he's cuter that way so he's decided to let his hair grow real slowly.
  • Potty time? Just took a dump a few days back on the potty successfully and peed yesterday in it (see photo). I rushed to grab the cam this time. I hope he hadn't played with his pee then pose for the shot. I really hope so. *crosses fingers and toes*

There! That's my first photo heart Friday post!

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  1. aww lovely updates. but yes, most impt thing is not to neglect him IRL! haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. thanks Ai Sakura! Yes, indeed, the most impt thing in life is to be there for our kids!


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