Teddy Puffs

Alicia started eating these Teddy Puffs when she was 10mths old and she's been going through phases of loving and hating it since. Just last week she was re-introduced to this during class at Julia Gabriel (after a few months of not eating it) and she loved it for a grand total of two days where she stuffed herself silly with the puffs. Subsequently, she started to show signs of rejection again.

I guess it's becoz she's teething again (I just discovered a new tooth two nights ago - I believe it's part of a molar) and coz these puffs are rather hard, they may actually be a bit painful to eat with sore gums....

Are these teddies yummy? Hmm, I think they are and one of my friends simply loves snacking on this - and she isn't a toddler! :)

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