Alicia's new PJs!

I went to the market on Tuesday to pick up some groceries and was just about to make my way home when Alicia pointed at something at the pasar malam and started to get really excited. That was when I looked up and saw a set of Elmo print pyjamas. Then she started to say "Mo!" Haha. Couldn't help but walk over to find out if there was a suitable size for her. There was! And so we made our purchase. Just when we were about to leave, we saw another set of PJ - this had Sesame Street characters on it (and there was Elmo of coz). So this time, we made our way to the ATM instead... hehe... coz I had run out of money.

She was really overjoyed as she pranced around her new sleepwear when I brought them home and laid them on the floor to take a pic to send to my hubby who was at work.

See a little moving hand in the pic? :D

She's still admiring her new sleepwear

So I quickly washed them and hung them out to dry while the weather was still good and they were dry in the evening! And she got to wear her Elmo PJ that night. She was over the moon and kept pointing at her shirt, lifting it a little each time to see the Elmo print and she kept saying "Mo!" and occasionally, "Elmo!" And she was fascinated too by the other character prints on her pants and kept pointing at them too. Isn't she lovely? :D

Here she is the next morning, wearing her new PJ and trying to read a book about baby food. For some reason, she's taken to this book lately and has been flipping through the recipes... :P Time for experiments?

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