Catching up with Mikayla... :)

Went for lunch with my ex-colleagues on 28 Dec (last Monday) and Shirley brought little Mikayla along and the kids had their own 'catch-up' session. Although Mikayla's 1 month younger than Alicia, she's bigger than Alicia - well, who isn't?

Here're some pictures of Alicia (and Mikayla):

Hubby's phone camera's slow...

otherwise it would have captured a nicely posed smile by Alicia! Sigh.

Sitting smugly in Mikayla's pram while Mikayla's having lunch...

Alicia trying to drink from Mikayla's cup while Mikayla's eating from Alicia's snack bowl

Look here babes!

and a video of Alicia playing in Mikayla's pram:

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