Alicia's newest toy

Ok, we went to the pasar malam again today... but that's coz I had to go to the market to pick up her cod from the fishmonger. So while we were waiting for the fishmonger to debone and pack the fish nicely, we went shopping again! And today, I finally gave in to her endless pleas of "ball ball". She'd been doing this every time we walked past the balls - she'd point at the balls and keep telling me "ball ball!" So finally, I bought one for her. I thought it'd be good for her to have a proper ball since the only semblance of a ball she has is her strawberry-shaped ball my mum got for her from Cameron - and it's not really a prototypical ball, if you know what I mean.

A prototypical ball would be much easier to teach as a ball when the time comes to teaching her words beginning with B - which should happen soon, I hope. :D We're still at 'A' though she managed to recognise it and pronounce it in the very first activity I did with her. I'd leave that to a separate post. I'm still trying my best to do up the materials for the activities I've in store for her to learn the alphabet A and the related words so that she has a holistic picture rather than just learning the alphabet in isolation. Sigh. I hope to get them done soon! But anyway, they aren't very special activities (in case you wondering) and if she were older, more sensible, and less destructive than she is now, I'd have a different list of activities to teach the alphabet. For now, it's just simple stuff - as long as she has fun and has some exposure to the alphabet, that works for me. I think learning to be content is really part of the parenting experience!

I digress too much.

Here's the ball!:

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