Mirror mirror on the wall... who's the fairest of us all?

Alicia has been wanting me to comb her hair of late and especially in the morning, just before we head to the market. I think she observed that I'd always brush my hair before leaving the house and so after some time, she decided that she needs to comb her hair too! She'd bring her comb to me to ask me to comb her hair on her own... sometimes she'd look for it and bring it to me when I ask her where her brush is. And there are also times that I'd just say "let's comb your hair" and she'd sit down quietly and let me comb her soft, lovely hair :D

Today she tried combing her own hair after I already combed it neatly for her. She has very little hair to speak of, so the concept of combing her hair is really amusing - not just to me but the usual acquaintances we meet at the market!

This is the way I comb my hair.. comb my hair... comb my hair...

Look how neat my hair is!

I'm sporting a side parting that's similar to mummy's! :D

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