JG Mandarin PlayClub (19/2)

Alicia's still learning to cope with distractions in class ... but I think she has to learn that she is not allowed to misbehave even if others are inattentive in class. That's something she has to learn since there will be distractions in class when she starts going to school proper. Hopefully she'll learn soon - I've been talking to her about this issue...

For art and craft, Alicia played with dough for the first time and she was hooked and refused to do the other task for the day so I brought home the materials... I've yet to let her do it though as I think she's actually not mature enough to handle the delicate paper craft - she tore off part of the paper when I offered it to her at JG. She actually played and held the dough all the way home - even in the cab!

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