The not-so-successful salted egg prawns

In my culinary adventures, to be honest, failure to produce the dish I want is rather rare. Unfortunately, yesterday's first attempt at salted egg prawns was one such occasion. Perhaps I didn't read up enough about how to prepare it since it was something that I decided to cook on the spur of the moment. I had invited my mum over on Friday for dinner, wanting to cook cereal prawns for her so since I already thawed the prawns for Wednesday's dinner, I thought that I'd do something different with the prawns and I immediately thought of salted eggs! Anyway, she can't make it for dinner on Friday so cereal prawns for her will have to wait till she's free to come over for dinner. :P

I think I know what went wrong with my prawns and I hope the next time I cook it, it will be successful. I believe it's because steaming the egg and after separating the yolk from the white, I left the mashed yolks out too long before cooking them and so by the time I wanted to put the mashy yolks into the wok to fry, I found that they were no longer moist and in fact almost hardened. Sigh. I had a bad feeling about the dish at that moment but it was all too late.

Well, I'll try again in future when I feel ready again to indulge in a sinful, calorie-packed dinner.

I'd post my recipe here when that happens. :)

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