Wintermelon barley drink

This is another one of my 'cooling' drinks. I have to come up with 'cooling' drinks more often now that the TCM doctor recommended that my hubby drinks some of that regularly since he's so 'heaty'.

So here's another 'cooling' drink idea for you.

It's cooling yet not too cooling and it's nourishing and can be drunk on a regular basis.

Wintermelon is not only 'cooling', it is good for detox too! If you understand Mandarin, you can read this site for more details. In general, cooking the wintermelon with the skin on is more effective if you are interested in the 'cooling' properties.

I hope you like it! :)

Wintermelon barley drink

  • 1 slice of fresh wintermelon (preferably sliced from the centre of the wintermelon rather than at the ends)
  • 2 handfuls Chinese barley (available at Chinese medical halls)
  • Black sugar to taste (available at Chinese medical halls)
  • 2L water

  1. Wash the wintermelon thoroughly as we are cooking it with the skin on.
  2. Remove the seeds and chop the wintermelon into pieces (skin intact).
  3. Rinse the Chinese barley a few times till it's clean.
  4. Place the wintermelon chunks and the barley into the slow cooker and cook on HIGH till you see small bubbles in the water.
  5. Turn the slowcooker to LOW and slowcook for another 5-6hours.
  6. Sieve the drink then add black sugar to taste.

1. You can add water chestnuts to the drink as well.
2. Luo han guo (Buddha's fruit) can be used in place of black sugar.
3. Bitter and sweet almonds can be added as well.


  1. Wow thanks for sharing this recipe. I am going to try this, since the kids are sick of the chrysanthemum and barley drink I make so often teehehe... ;)

  2. No problem! :D You can check out my other drinks by clicking on the Label "Drinks" :)


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