Review of Crayola's 26-pc Pipsqueaks markers portfolio

Item #3 I'm reviewing from my loot: the 26-pc Pipsqueaks markers portfolio (retails at $23).

The pouch includes 14 regular-sized pipsqueak markers and 12 skinny markers (packed separately in two different compartments) and a doodle pad (a stack of note paper) in the middle of the pouch.

The regular-sized marker measures 1.5cm in diameter (where the child grips) and the skinny marker measures 0.9cm in diameter (where the child grips). Both types of markers are about 10.5cm in length (with cap on). They are little markers for little hands. :)

I bought this because Alicia has been wanting to draw with my markers and those aren't washable and aren't non-toxic.

I've not really tried out how washable they are because erm, so far no accidents have happened. :P Nevertheless, from my experience with Crayola's promise of 'washability' of their products, I think these markers should be washable too - as with their other (washable) products. Just make sure you clean up the unwanted marks immediately to minimise the 'damage'. :)

Folds up to be like a pencil case...

This is how it looks when you open the first fold...

Here's the complete picture of the product when you open the pouch fully...

Doodle master at work

Alicia isn't really that interested in this set of materials - I guess it doesn't have the 'wow-factor' compared to the window markers and the dry-erase travel pack (she just loves how the marks disappear instantaneously when we wipe them off!). Nevertheless, I'm placing this pouch in the coffee table drawer (that's where I used to store my markers) so she gets to doodle with non-toxic, washable markers (made for little hands) when she wants to. :)

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