Bak Kut Teh (肉骨茶)

I remember hubby and I braving heavy rain to eat bak kut teh at havelock road when I was heavily pregnant because I had cravings. lol. 

Well, I always feel that it's best to eat bak kut teh on a rainy day - it always enriches the whole experience of eating it (sheer bliss!) and it certainly can be said to be one of the perfect comfort foods on those occasions.

Unfortunately, when I cooked bak kut teh that day, it was sweltering hot despite the many prayers for rain that day. Lol.

This is the bak kut teh spice that I love!

There are two major types of bak kut teh - the light-coloured peppery one and the dark brown sweet version. From a television programme I watched when I was pregnant (something about searching the source of particular dishes), I discovered that the peppery one which I'm so in love with is the Teochew version and the sweet one is Hokkien.

I always knew I'm Teochew through and through, :P

Bak Kut Teh (肉骨茶)

  • 600-800g pork ribs (排骨) - actually 600g is enough for 2 people but I was afraid it won't be enough so I cooked 800g that day
  • 1.5L water
  • 10 cloves garlic (with their skins) - rinse
  • 3 thin slices of dang gui, rinse
  • a few drips of dark soy sauce
  • 1 packet bak kut teh spice (as seen above)

  1. Blanch pork ribs.
  2. Add all the ingredients to a pot and bring the water to a boil.
  3. Simmer for almost an hour or less, depending on your preference (the longer you cook, the more peppery it becomes).
  4. Serve (with cut chilli padi and dark soy sauce - optional).

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