Sorting pompoms

This is an extremely easy activity to carry out with your tot and my little gal just kept doing it over and over again! :P After awhile, she got so engaged in the activity, she didn't even notice I went to the kitchen to cook our lunch! haha....

Here's what you need:

  • a set of colourful pompoms
  • a container to hold the pompoms
  • several small containers for the sorting (I used those little disposable 'plates' we place our sauces in for this activity)

Almost done with sorting...

After I bought the first batch of pompoms, I kinda fell in love with them and when I saw a very pretty set at Daiso, I just had to buy it... :P

These aren't so suitable for tonging though due to their design; works well for a sorting sensory game since they are well, furry/ prickly. The red ones (can't be seen in the photo) in particular look like mini rambutans... hee. Tell me you love these too! :P

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