Sinfully Sumptuous

Food. Glorious food. Sinfully sumptuous.

I found the motivation to climb 73 storeys yesterday (twice up the 30 floors plus another 13 up to my unit) instead of my usual 60 before I cooked dinner. Must be the guilt that was building up even before I had dinner.

Here's the food that made my hubby sing my praises continuously!

Spaghetti with home-made sauce:

Home-made cream of mushroom soup with home-made garlic bread sticks:

A closer view!

While waiting for her porridge to be cooked, Alicia had some spaghetti and garlic bread sticks too! :D

To be honest, this is my maiden attempt at making home-made sauce (for adult consumption), creamy soup and garlic bread sticks. I came up with the recipe for the home-made spaghetti sauce and the garlic bread sticks on my own. The recipe for the mushroom soup is from Brenda's blog :) and you can view my adaptation of the recipe here.

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