Bedtime... Naptime...

Earlier in the month, I taught Alicia all about tucking her soft toys to bed and so it started off with her tucking in her toys (especially big snowbear). Starting on the 8th Jan, she'd place the snowbear's head on the pillow, then put the blanket over it then pat the bear thrice and say 'pat pat pat'. Soon, she decided that she wanted to tuck herself into bed and so she would lie down next to big snowbear and try to throw the blanket over herself and the snowbear - and I'd do the patting: both her and snowbear. She'd be very amused and she'd try to do it over and over again.

Unfortunately by the time I realised that I haven't gotten a video of this adorable phase, she was almost stopping to do these cute actions so the videos I captured didn't manage to capture 'the moment'. So upsetting... anyway, this is as best as I could manage:

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